Monday, June 29, 2009

THIRD AREA: Two more baptisms - June 28, 2009!

Max and Elder Romeiro are working hard in the mission field and are reaping the blessings of the scriptures: "Seek and ye shall find" (Luke 11:9), and "the field is white all ready to harvest" (D&C 33:7). The field truly is white and ready to harvest. . .
"So we had two suprise baptisms yesterday, ha ha, can you believe it? It was amazing.. so this is what happened: ya know the fam we're teaching? So we were teachin them this last week and we decided beforehand to invite the young son, junior thats 10 and the husband of the daughter, Stefano thats about 35 to be baptized on the 4th of July because we felt they were ready and after talking with them, we found out that the best day would be Sunday for Stefano because of work and so they said, why dont we do it this sunday night?! ha ha! and after talking some more we figured because of the confirmation, to do it in the morning before church and so we did at 8 in da mornin and it was great. I had the opportunity to baptize both of them and it was such an amazing experiece for us all :)"

Max and Elder Johnson

Elder Piccin, Sister Evangelista, and Elder Kirschman

Monday, June 15, 2009

THIRD AREA * Cavalhada with E. Romeiro * 6/9/09 to 7/21/09

Max got a new companion on June 9, 2009. He is STILL in the same area, Cavalhada, now with Elder Romeiro:

Monday, June 8, 2009

THIRD AREA: Last week with Elder Piccin

Max and Elder Piccin have been working in Cavalhada together since March 24, 2009 - Here are some pictures from their last week together:
"I sent a pic of my zone - Porto Alegre South"
"I also sent a pic of us with Isabel and Volnei so you can finally see what they look like."
"Me and Elder Piccin and Guilherme at Guilherme's baptism. It was on Sat. morn (June 6, 2009) because the primary had an activity right before and so we planned it together right after and so the whole primary was there and the Young Women were there too so there were a lot of people and it was amazing. Guilherme is so awesome and has so much knowledge about the Gospel already :) I was lucky enough to get to baptize him and the water heater was fixed so the water was warm this time :)"
"I also sent a pic from our FHE mon. night. We had it at the Kern's house with Glaura and Alex and it went great!"

"We were walkin down a road and asked a lady if there was a road that connected the one we were on and another one that we had an investigator and she told us yeah and so we took it and it ended up bein so far away and so we lost about an hour just walkin and thats were i got that pic was at the top of this hill but we got our street contacts done on the way and it all worked out because the lady, her name is Nelí was still at home and it was a very spiritual lesson."
"I also sent some pics from the temple! Oh man it was so amazing, there is no better place on earth than inside of the temples. We went last wed., just me and E. Piccin and it was absolutely amazing and we got to go again today with our zone and another zone and it was so amazing once again!!! It is such a beautiful temple and i just love it."