Monday, April 12, 2010

SIXTH AREA: Miracles and Mt. Dew

"My comp. and I have been very humbled to receive so many great blessings in just one week and since we arrived in our new area. This week was one full of miracles and the work is just exploding and I am so honored and blessed and grateful to be a part of it. So we are living in another apartment closer to our area now, we moved on Wednesday morning and a member with a lil truck helped us so it was real quick and easy. . . We basically have 3 main parts to our area and two of them are close and ones kinda far but not really far and so we divide our time between them usually and we have just been guided to the right and prepared ppl it seems like and we have been so so blessed."

"A missionary that went home, his dad came to pick him up and left two bottles of Mountain Dew for Elder Bangerter and we got them last week and it was amazing!! Ha ha, the first time in more than a year and a half!"
"We started teaching a guy named Byron last week and he didnt come to conference and we werent able to talk to him again until he called us on Sat. and said he passed by the church and no one was there so he said he'd come and talk to us and he came down the road we were walking in a new car.. He had the BOM in the front seat and was all smiles. Because of Gen. Conf. last week, he thought it was on Sat. too but we explained it to him and he came yesterday with his girlfriend, Maria, they are great and loved it. So Byron told us on sat. that he is reading and praying and that he prayed to help him get a new car and said when he did, he would enter the church and never fall away. Ha!"

SIXTH AREA: *Opening Arco-Iris with E. Bangerter 3/30/10

March 29, 2010
"Tomorrow is the transfer and we got the call this morning, i was nervous cuz we had no idea what would happen. So get this - me and Elder Bangerter and I are staying together one more transfer so we are so happy! :) but we have to change areas!! We are going to go to another area in our same stake that is really close so i think we will stay in our apartment, so thats sweet. It will nice to have another change and to be able to open the area together and i am excited for the work. . .

Elder Bangeter and I are doing great together and loving the time we have together, we will be such good friends after the mission and he said he'll be there at my homecoming, ha ha.. so yeah, the times a winding down and its crazy, i cant even think about it."


"So this week the ward had an activity and we didnt go, but Rodrigo and Felipe went with their other friend Gabriel and they loved it cuz they love playing soccer.. we are gonna play with them this afternoon so it will be sweet.. i will send a pic of them.. after church yesterday we were teaching those three friends on the sidewalk in front of Gabriels house and another one of their friends came to talk to them and we gave him a pamphlet of the restoration and he said he will read and pray. There is so much potential with these guys."

April 5, 2010
"This week we started working in a new area and a new ward, its called Arco-Iris which means rainbow in portuguese and so we are opening the area together and it is going great. So everything is new and we have met a few members and they are great and our Bishop is awesome and helps a ton and our ward mission leader is amazing. Hes only been a member for 4 months and he has such a strong testimony and helps so much, we already taught with him this week and it was great. . .
So conference was just amazing eh?! Wow, we were lucky enough to watch all of the sessions including Priesthood and it was just amazing, wow.. i learned so much and it was just great, i am excited to get the Ensign to be able to study. . .
So saturday night, we were headed to the saturday afternoon session (but it was at 5 here) and we were doing street contacts and talking to ppl in the street like we do everyday and i talked with an old man on a street corner and told him about conference and how it is special and that we were headed there, but that there would be two sessions on sunday and so he said he would try and go like so many hundreds of ppl have said but of course never went so we just went like normal and we got to the sunday afternoon session last night and guess who was sittin in the back all by himself, this old guy with his crutch thing! It was so great to see him. He has diabetes and so he has some circulation probs i think in his feet and legs and so its hard for him to walk and he told me that on sat. so i thought for sure he wouldnt go and was just another contact but he walked all the way there alone and was sitting alone and he got there at 3! so luckily the choir thing was going and i guess he watched that and he stayed for conference and he was in so much pain because of his foot he said but he stayed and at the end after President Monson talked and the choir sang and the prayer, he was crying. Man he was so touched and so was I. So he doesnt live in our area, he lives in another ward that has sisters so they were there and got his address and will pass there this week and teach him, it was a great experience :) So yeah, miracles happen everyday, it doesnt matter how big or small, they happen, its especially easy to see as a missionary. and so i am just so grateful to be a part of these ppls lives."