Thursday, January 7, 2010

FOURTH AREA: New Years and a Transfer

Max is transferring to Pelotas which is just about an hour north from Rio Grande. His companion is Elder Pourre who is Brazilian and Max has only heard great things about him!
"P-day was New Years Day so New Years Eve we stayed up for the new year playing this new card game thats the Best called Monopoly Deal and we banged pots and pans Just like russ baby! Há há, it was the Best and new years Day was great – i ate i think the most i have ever eaten in one meal.. we had Churrasco with Nilzair and her fam and it was so so good, wow.. and we stayed there and played Monopoly Deal with them pretty much all afternoon."
"Oh man, one of THE funniest thing ever happened this week a few days ago.. oh, it was New Years Day and we were going home from teaching and stopped by Cadu’s house and Elder Horrocks started feeling sick cuz we ate SO much and when we left it got worse and the entire walk home He was struggling to hold his diarrea in and was SO close to crapping in his pants and it was like a half hour walk home and He had to stop from time to time and i dunno IF i have ever laughed harder in my life.. He barely made it home and when i laughed He would start laughing and have to stop and fight to hold it in! HÁ HÁ.. oh man, it was the Best.."
"I AM excited for a lil change and to see what great things the next área holds for me, everybody have a great week, I Love you all!!!
- Elder Max Aaron Kirschman"