Thursday, February 26, 2009

THIRD AREA * Cavalhada with E. Headley 2/4/09 to 3/24/09

Max is now in an area called Cavalhada. His new companion is Elder Headley from Arizona.

#1 week of Feb. 9: "I am in a new area called Cavalhada and its about 25 min from the office and right next to Cristal, my first area. My new companion is so awesome, E. Headley. He's from Phoenix, Arizona and the friggin man, ha ha.. he played baseball in college at eastern arizona and so hes dang stinkin good and so we share our love for baseball and get along great and teach so good together. man, i love workin with him, his testimony is so powerful and he is an amazing missionary and he has already helped me out so much. So the work is going great here! I love this area and workin with Headley and all the members here are so awesome. my first night here we went and visited a family (the Kearns') in the ward of a couple and their 4 girls and they are so nice and awesome and so strong in the church."

The Kerns

#2 - week of Feb. 9: "One guy named Adriano is my favorite, ha, hes so funny. So we were walkin across the street and he was walkin next to us and i started talkin to him and we set up an appointment for sat so sat we went to his house and started teachin him and it couldnt have gone any better. He was so into it and kept asking ?s and during the first vision he kept sayin "really?" and he was so excited and i could just tell he has been searching for the truth and he is just such a nice guy, ya know? Hes a really big guy and reminds me of a Tongan or Hawaiian guy that is always happy and smiling :) ha ha, i love him. and so we taught him and when we gave him the BOM he was like a little kid on Christmas morning and so excited and said he will read the whole thing and was flippin through it and kept askin bout Moroni and the plates and Joseph Smith and lookin at the pics. . ."

#3 week of Feb. 25: "Did i tell ya bout Oreovaldo? Man he is so good and I feel really good about him too :) so found him at home again last week and taught him the importance of the BOM and bout 3 Nephi 11 and it went great and he said he read it and loved it and said he'll pray now to know that its true so i hope he did! "

It has been Carnival this past week and Max said that Cavalhada was pretty much a ghost town, everyone was on vacation or at the beach, so the work was pretty slow going for a couple of days.

#1 - week of Feb. 17: "So we had a few (investigators)that we were pickin up on Sunday morn and the one lady said she couldn't come cuz her feet hurt from workin all week and the daughter of another investigator said she already left to church so we were excited and hurriedly sped walk to the chapel but she wasnt there and so we waited for a while and no one showed up so we went to a payphone across the street and called everyone again, but nobody answered. So then we're just like, K, this is a joke, lets friggin go pick everysingle one of em up! ha ha.. so we made the rounds and nobody was home so we went back to church with our heads hangin low, ha ha, it sucked and we were so dang bummed, man oh man.. so we are gonna do every stinkin thing we can to help our investigators this week and I feel great about a lot of them!

#2 week of Feb. 25: "so this last sunday was a bummer again cuz we did all we could do get our investigators at church again and guess what?! yup, not a one, man its so frustrating so this week we are tryin new things and gonna have ta switch it up and do somethin different to get our investigators at church and progressing. I hope ta have some great news next monday! :)"

#3 week of Feb. 25: "remember Adriano I told ya bout? He was doin so good and we were on our way to his house and so excited to teach him again and we saw him out front as we were crossin the road and watched him walk inside and we got there and clapped out front the gate and a lady came to the door and said that he wasnt home so we were like what the heck? Why would he have her lie that he wasnt home ya know? and we said we'd stop by later that night so we did and he came to the door but didnt even come to the gate to greet us and just said he didnt have anytime right now and was busy and we asked when we could come back and he said he didnt know and so we left and were just in shock like what the crud happened ya know, it sucked. You can never be too sure with your investigators. So that was last week and we have stopped by everyday since then and called too cuz we have his number and nothin so we're just gonna keep on tryin.. so thats sad huh?"

week of Feb 25: Max woke up to use the bathroom and says "i didnt put my glasses on and i had no idea what time it was but the sun was already startin to come up so i knew it was almost time ta wake up and when i got done i was walkin back into our bedroom and i saw somethin move across the floor in front of me but it was still pretty dark and ya know how bad my eyesight is, ha ha, so i figured it was just a dust bunny gettin blown by the wind but as i got closer it started runnin towards my bed and it was fast! ha ha and i was freakin cuz i thought it was a huge as spider so i flipped the light on and said, "Headley theres somethin on the floor" ha ha, and i moved my suitcase and there was a huge as cockroach and it was fast as crap and ran behind my bed and i couldn't kill it wit my shoe so we spent the next half hour or so tryin to find it and kill it and we finally did! ha ha man it was crazy, ha, anyways so that was an interesting story :)

"My testimony of the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon and our Savior grow every single day i am here and I am SO SO grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve right now. . . I can honestly tell you all that I really do know that this church is the only true church on the earth today and it really is Christ's church, the same church He himself organized and set up when He lived here. We have the fulness of His gospel and how great is that?!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SECOND AREA * Office with E. Fernandes 12/31/08 - 2/4/09

December 31, 2008 through February 4, 2009
Max got transfered to the mission office on December 31, 2008. His companion is Elder Fernandes from Salvador.

Port/Beach & Skate Park in Porto Alegre

Elders Kirschman & Fernandes, Elders Robertson & Godoy (from Holiday, UT and Brazil respectively), Elders Maruji & Ritter (from Washingtom and Sau Paulo repectively) got to go to the port in Porto Alegre for a day and they saw the biggest skate park (Max was stoked) and the port - it was a fun outing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX! - Mom made a photo blanket for Max for his birthday! All of the Elders were jealous.

The Elders got to go to the Temple and to downtown Porto Alegre. Here's an excerpt from his Jan. 31, 2009 letter:

"Oh man! on Wednesday we finally went to the temple!!! It was SO awesome and so amazing. i'm sorry but pics do not do it justice, it is so much more beautiful in real life and its up on this hill overlookin the city and its bout 25 min from the office. the grounds were gorgeous, with so many flowers and palm trees and the temple is amazing and the inside was even sweeter. its not even 9 years old - it opened in 2000 and it is so so nice. it was so nice to be able to feel the happiness and peace that comes from bein in the temple, the Spirit is always so strong, no matter what and its just what i needed. it was crazy in portuguese but i found that i understood a lot more than i thought i would and normally do in normal conversation and it was such a neat experience :) i hope we can go back soon. oh lemme tell ya bout the pics before i forget too - so last p day we went to downtown POA (thats Porto Alegre, ha ha) and went to that huge Cathedral and it was sweet and i got some pics of downtown and that statue in front of the cathedral in a park and of the temple.. hope you like :)"

FIRST AREA * Cristal with E. Jones 11/19/08 - 12/31/08

Max's first area was in Cristal, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL with Elder Jones.

Here is an excerpt from a letter he sent after leaving the MTC:
"We went to the mission home and ate a great meal then wrote letters home and went straight to the mission office and got our new comps and were off.. luckily i have a sweet first area and its right outside the city, its like a suburb, like sandy to salt lake, its called Cristal. it was about a half hour bus ride and we got off and dropped my luggage off at our apartment and went straight to work :) it was crazy, it all become really real, really fast! ha ha.. boy have i been humbled this last week too, i got culture shocked so hard and reality punched me in the face, hard! ha ha.. My comps name is Elder Jones and he's from St. George and we get along great, he is really cool so that is sweet and luckily he speaks English :) but all day its all Portuguese :) ha ha its crazy but I learn more everyday! hes been out 11 months and he's completely fluent so i am super excited! :) he has been in this area for 3 months and we have a ward so it is great!! Church yesterday was sweet, its weird how similar yet different it is from the good ole US of A :) all of the members are so nice and way fun and sweet!"

Elder Jones and Elder Kirschman had a baptism set up for December 6, 2008 with Igor. Igor (in the blue shirt) was twelve and Max was able to confirm him:

". . . so he wanted E. Jones to baptize him and me to confirm him! :) im not gonna lie, I was pretty dang nervous but was really excited and grateful for the opportunity.. E. jones has been out a year and still has never confirmed anyone so it was a rare priviledge :) yesterday in Sac. Mtg I did it and it went so good and my heart was beating out of my chest - you can never prepare for the moment in front of people, thats for sure, just like singin in the CTM :) - so i was way nervous but comforted by the Spirit and felt the Spirit so strong and it was an amazing experience."

Max served with Elder Jones from the end of November through December 31, 2008. He was then transfered to the mission office.

MTC * 9/17/08 - 11/19/08

Max left Utah on September 17, 2008 and flew to the MTC in Brazil.

"I have been so homesick and it isall so overwhelming but it will get better, I hope :) The language is harder than I thought, but thats pretty much how every language is prob. It's crazy how much we have learned already! But I feel like I'm behind most ofthe other Elders in my district, it's insane how much they know already, butI am workin my hardest and I know it will come. It's just different for everybody, but everybody gets it sooner or later.. "

"Jake's right, the MTC is pretty much like jail, ha ha.. we spend about 10 hours a day in a tiny classroom and spend half the time on language study and half the time on Preach My Gospel. We have two teachers named Irmao Guilhermeand Irmao Suares (Irmao means brother in Portuguese) they are both Brazilian and served their missions in Sao Paulo and they're only 22 and 23 so they're way cool. My companions name is Elder Watts and he's from Minnesota and we get along ok but to be completely honest hes very weird and kinda bugs me ha ha but hes not so bad.. and we're in a room with two other Elders that are way cool so its all good!"

"oh yeah today we went to the Campinas Temple which is about an hour and a half away and we did a session so that was awesome! The newbies go to Campinas and after a few weeks, we go to the Sao Paulo Temple so I'm excited!"