Monday, July 27, 2009

FOURTH AREA: *Rio Grande with E. Biscoff* 7/21/09 to 10/14/09

Max finally got transferred from Cavalhada on July 21, 2009. He's in a new area called Rio Grande, which is about four hours south of Cavalhada. His companion is Elder Bischoff from Rexburg, Idaho.

"So, I finally went south and left Porto Alegre. I am in Rio Grande, the city, and its completely different, a whole new world once again, ha ha.. so its crazy cuz i'm with another american, his name is Elder Bischoff and he's from Rexburg, Idaho, but his fam moved to salt lake while he was already on the mish.. he's way cool and teaches so well. He has about a year and 4 months here so only about 6 months ahead of me. Man, its been hard and frustrating cuz hes kind of lazy so i've gotta help him out a lil bit.. but he is such a great missionary, he just needs a little push"

"We are in the center of Rio Grande right now and its a pretty cool little town and i will be sure to take lots of pics :) Our area is just south of the center of the city and now the biggest area in the mission - its about 33 miles long! ha ha! look it up on google earth and it'll be sweet :) so i heard that Rio Grande has the longest beach in the world! Can you believe that? I also heard that its pretty ugly in the winter and i havent been there yet but we'll go one p day and get pics. Its freezing here! Ha ha, it has been a really cold week but its always better cold than hot i say :) and i'm from Logan, UT so i'm used to it :)"

"We were greatly blessed with a baptism this week. Her name is Tuane and she is a 16 year old girl. She's way sweet and so nice and quiet and it was such a spiritual baptism. She cried after with her friend and I felt the spirit so strong during the whole meeting. We are teaching her older brother, Tiago and he's 17 and way cool too. We are teaching his friend too, Anderson and hes 18 and Tiago came to church yesterday and went last week too and so his baptism might be this saturday.. so i'm gonna send a pic of the baptism :) This area was two but they joined and now it is just us in two areas and so we have a ton of great investigators and it is such a great area with a ton of work to be done so we are just running now all day and i am lovin it and excited for the challenge" Tiago, Anderson, Tuane (in purple coat), E. Biscoff (in all white), E. Kirschman, and mom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THIRD AREA: Last Week in Cavalhada

Last Week in Cavalhada.

Max is being transferred out of Cavalhada. After six months and many friends, investigators and converts he is leaving to see new places and meet new people.
"Oh man i haven't told you yet, ha, i just found out that i'm getting transferred tom, but i already knew it pretty much so it wasnt much of a surprise, but still it'll be hard gettin used to a new area, but part of me is excited too because i think i'll be goin to another city in the mission cuz with almost 11 months i havent left Porto Alegre yet, but you know how much i love it here.. so thats all we know, i have no idea where i'll be goin until the bus station tom (Tuesday July 21, 2009), crazy huh?

Thanks to the Kerns' for being Max's "family"! For all of the churrasco and fun! What a great area.
(Lulu Kerns)
"Our churrasco that we had last week with Isabel and Volnei. . . . . . and the young guy with me is Viniscius, our investigator and it's not a gang sign he's doin, it means peace"

"Raquel's baptism (her name is pronounced Hakel) she is so cute. . . . . . and look at the baby boy, he's so funny and so dang cute! His name is Artur which is Arthur in english I think." "A pic of Brasilian money, "the real", pronounced Hay-al.. and then check out my first pair of shoes, they are down to the insole, worn all the way threw! Sweet as huh?! I stopped using them a while back and I'm already way into my 2nd pair :) ha, but dont worry cuz i can find dang cheap shoes here in Brasil, so dont worry about sendin them"

"There's us with another fam in our ward, André and Cristiane and their lil boy, Pedro."

This picture is a mystery)

Adeus. Foi um experiance maravilhoso.

Monday, July 13, 2009

THIRD AREA: New President

"The one pic is of me in Gaucho clothing, ha, member the Brasilian cowboys? and the other is of me on Rodrigos brand new motorcycle, sweet as huh? Rodrigo is the husband of the couple that will be married on the 20th of July and baptized on the 22nd!! Member them? They are a part of the whole fam that will be baptized and the two baptisms we had last week. Rodrigo and Fernanda have a son thats 10 too named Murilo and i just love the kid :) They will all be baptized together with Rodrigos younger sister Analise too. So we are really excited for them, they are an amazing family. And I really want to come back here in a year for the sealing of the entire family, it would be absolutely amazing. Missionaries are usually allowed to do this I guess so i'm super excited. We're doin all we can to help them make that their ultimate goal altogether here in a year."

"So new pres this week and he's so awesome! ha ha, hes so dang funny and seems way cool. He got here on Wed. morn and Friday we had a zone conference again for him and his wife to introduce themselves. He hugged every missionary right at first, ha ha.. He served in the exact same chapel that we have conferences in 35 years ago on his mission, crazy huh? He hasnt spoken portuguese for 35 years but he already speaks better than me! ha ha, dang it! :) jk.. his wife is awesome too and so so nice - she just started learning port. a month ago and so doesnt speak alot but speaks really well for only a month. They have 3 sons that are all married and one daughter that is at BYU-Idaho and they said that she'll come here for Christmas and stay for 5 or 6 months with them. So yeah, they are just here alone for now and have a grandbaby on the way and they are really funny but know when to be serious too and their testimonies are so powerful."