Sunday, December 6, 2009

FOURTH AREA: Christmas and Zone Conference

"This week was great. We had our Christmas zone conference in Pelotas on Thursday and it was great."
We got to talk to Max on Christmas morning. Mom got a speakerphone so we could all listen and talk together. He sounds so great and just so excited to be preaching the Gospel.
Here we are talking on the phone. We were all there, except Emily and Russel who were on the cell speakerphone.
"The weather hás been weird here cuz usually this time of year it is already scorching hot, member last year on Christmas? It was like 100 F... it hás been rainy and cloudy and cool lately so i have been enjoying it, i prefer pouring rain and bein soaking wet rather than sweating and the scorching Sun so its been good, há há, but Elder Horrocks hates the rain, há há, its pretty funny cuz I Love it"
"I gave a talk in church yesterday tôo and it was great, há há, theres something about giving a talk that I Just Love now, but i talked too long, like 20 minutes! Há há and didnt leave any time for the next Guy, oops.. but the Bishop asked me to talk about the birth of the Savior and Christmas and it was great cuz i was able to share experiences of Christmas’s at home and my first Christmas on the mission and how it really helped me see the true meaning of Christmas and feel more of the Christmas Spirit through remembering not only about the birth of our Savior, but his whole life and especially his atoning sacrifice.. I AM so grateful for the opportunity that i had to give this talk.. i talked about the importance of serving others and about how we always made donuts and the other dang good twist cream cheese thing  há há.. and i talked about the Christmas Carol and how Ebenezer Scrooge found the true meaning of Christmas and i talked about how Grandpa would always read Luke chapter 2 and we would always complain, há há, but how i AM so Grateful for him and for always reading it to remember the true meaning of Christmas.. "
"I absolutely Love to study and it seems like we never have enough time to study and it goes by so fast in the morning.. there is always so much more to learn and it is great"